Improve your health with everyday workplace habits

A headset device is a communication tool that can help you improve your overall health. Many work functions require employees to sit at a desk for long periods of time. Using a headset can bring the user a large variety of benefits that will improve their overall workplace health habits.

First of all, a headset provides a more free range of motion. Holding the phone receiver between your ear and your shoulder, can lead to serious neck, shoulder and back pain. This placement of the phone receiver, is ergonomically incorrect for your body. Over time, it can be both exhausting and detrimental to your posture. There is an increased focus on workplace safety with a large value placed on the importance of proper ergonomics. According to many ergonomic reference books, articles and blogs the suggestion for telephone users is to acquire a headset.

Correcting your posture is a huge benefit to wearing a headset when speaking on the phone. This allows you to be able to sit up straight without slouching over. This will drastically improve your posture as you will be able to move more freely around your surroundings and will not be restricted to sitting down.Correcting your posture is a huge benefit to wearing a #headset when speaking on the phone Click To Tweet

The combined results of a better posture and a free range of motion, leads to a better work efficiency resulting in stress reduction. The more productive and efficient you are at work the more stress free you will be. Stress is a large benefactor to your health, it needs to be address seriously as it can have a negative effect on your body. Making small but significant changes, such as using a headset, will allow you to make changes in real time while speaking on the phone. This will reduce the amount of work you will have to do after your phone call, making you more efficient. Doing this work with a headset will be comfortable and will not put your neck, shoulders and back at risk.

If you want to be proactive and reduce the future risk of neck, shoulder and back pain and increase you work efficiencies, speak to the team at NRG. We will help you find the best headset solution for your needs.