Jabra Engage 65 Manually Set Detection of GN1000 RHL

  1. Put the headset on.  Enter into the Advanced settings menu.  This is done by pressing and holding both the up & down volume buttons simultaneously (2 sec) on the headset.  When in the menu you will hear “menu” in the ear piece of the headset.
  2. Press the Call button to cycle through the available settings.  Stop when you hear “Hook/Lifter Type”
  3. Press the Volume buttons to cycle through the available options. Stop when you hear “RHL”
  4. Pres the Call button to accept RHL.  You will hear “RHL selected”
  5. Exit Advance settings menu – hold both volume buttons (2 secs) on the headset.  The base will reboot and the new setting will be saved.

Process of manually setting remote answer device is completed.

Note:  If after completing the instructions the problems persists, please contact
NRG TeleResources for further assistance.
888-753-7300   |   info@nrgteleresources.com