Jabra PRO 900 Adjusting Dial Tone Switch

Reasons to adjust configuration switch:
  • Set Clear Dial tone
Instructions:PRO 900 dial tone
  1. View the backside of your Jabra PRO 900 headset to access the settings buttons
  2. Put on the headset, and make a test call.
  3. While on a call, rotate the clear dial tone switch from A to G, as illustrated, and listen in the headset for a clear dial tone.
  4. Stop at the letter that provides the optimal audio.
  5. Determine the best switch position. The dial tone should be strong, clear and un-distorted.
  6. Return the desk phone handset to the receiver, or press the headset button on the desk phone.
  7. When finished, return the front panel to the base.
  8. Changes made to the clear dial tone only apply to desk phones.

Note:  If after adjusting the dial tone switch the problems persists, please contact
NRG TeleResources for further assistance.
888-753-7300   |   info@nrgteleresources.com