Why a Hosted PBX Platform is Better For Your Business

Having a cloud hosted PBX system is only the tip of the iceberg for where the future of work collaboration and communication is going. The self-administered benefits of a cloud hosted PBX phone platform are wide and vary from organization to organization. But guaranteed each individual will find a fit for it in their life.

There’s a multitude of things you can do in a click, by yourself, without having to turn to your phone provider. Here’s some benefits:

      1. Workplace Flexibility
        When you’re using a hosted PBX platform you’re helping your employees maintain a positive work-life balance and becoming more autonomous. A hosted PBX platform allows you to take calls and work anywhere you want as long as you have a mobile device and/or softphone. The flexibility to schedule your work calls and organize your work day is only one of the few freedoms and benefits of using a hosted PBX platform.
      2. Employee Autonomy
        The ability to log into a portal to make whatever changes you want to your phone system without making any service calls should entice you enough. If you want someone specific to answer the phone, you can go into the portal and do it. If you’d prefer the option of having two people answer instead, that can be set up easily, if you want nobody to answer the phone, simply direct the phone call to an auto-attendant. Building the Auto-attendant however you want is also possible, your business has the autonomy to decide whose extension number is whose and make those changes instantly. Your phone system is available for you to manipulate without having to call any service provider asking them to make tiny changes. By logging into this portal, there’s a billion things that one can do with their hosted PBX platform if they take the time to learn it.
      3. More Organizational Mobility
        For anyone who works on the road or remotely, softphones are a very important tool for your business communications. Available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC’s, Softphones turn a designated device into their business phone. Utilizing a company’s minutes and individual extension, voicemail and contacts, calls remain professional no matter what device is used[1]. Miss the afternoon at work due to unforeseen circumstances? Make up for it at night. Aren’t at the office to pick up a call? You’ll be able to answer it as you are on the go thanks to the Hosted PBX Platform’s ability to connect more than one device to your business number.
      4. Reduces Costs Through Cost-Per-Use
        If your company needs to downsize, so will your phone costs. A hosted PBX platform doesn’t require expensive backend hardware, your costs will be reduced to just the desk phone. As well, your overall expenses for your phone system will be reduced because you’re saving money on service calls and repairs. Third-party vendors usually manage hosted PBX systems, which means reduced infrastructure needs/costs.

By using a hosted PBX platform, you are encouraging your employees to collaborate and be more mobile.

If businesses want to survive, they must adapt to the shifting business landscapes, and more collaboration and telecommuting is where the future of work is going.

A cloud hosted PBX platform is where the future of work is going. And if you don’t have the time to train your employees on how to use the cloud hosted PBX platform, consider NRG TeleResources to take care of the training for you.

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[1] Sourced from: https://www.broadviewnet.com/blog/2017/06/5-uc-features-to-pitch-this-summer