Connecting the Jabra Link 860 (telephone with headset port)


  1. Connect to Power:
    • The Jabra Link 860 receives power by connecting the USB cord to your computer.  Alternatively, you can purchase an AC power adapter (sold separately).
    • Plug the USB cable into the USB port on the Jabra Link 860, and connect the other end of the USB cable into any available USB port on you computer.  The mute indicator will flash red three time to indicate the Jabra Link 860 is not connected to power.Jabra Link 860 USB cable

  2. Connect Jabra Link 860 to a telephone that has a dedicated headset port.
    • Ensure the telephone cable is plugged into the telephone port on the Jabra Link 860, and then connect the other end of the telephone cable into the headset port on the desk phone. The Jabra Link 860 is now connected to the desk phone.
    • Set the target phone switch to desk phone (on the base of the Jabra Link 860).Jabra Link 860 connect to phone

  3. Connect the Headset:
    • Plug the QD calbe inot the QD port on the Jabra Link 860.  Then connect Jabra corded headset to the other end of the QD cable.Jabra Link 860 connect to to headset

Click here for additional Jabra Link 860 settings

Note:  If after connecting the Jabra Link 860 you have questions, please contact
NRG TeleResources for further assistance.
888-753-7300   |