Adjusting Jabra GN1200 Configuration Setting

The Jabra GN1200 universal “smart cord” provides you with a simple solution to connect your Jabra corded headsets with virtually every telephone that supports a direct connect headset (telephone with dedicated headset port).

Reasons to adjust configuration switch:
  • Set clear/optimal dial tone/audio

The Jabra GN1200 features eight separate wire configurations.  Connect the Jabra GN1200 and corded headset through the Quick Disconnect plug and adjust the slider from one position to the next until a dial tone/optimal audio is heard.


Below is a guideline, as to which setting is best, base on the phone brand you have.


Note:  If after adjusting the configuration switch the problems persists, please contact
NRG TeleResources for further assistance.
888-753-7300   |