Jabra Engage 75 Manually Set Detection of GN1000 RHL or EHS

  1. Enter into the Advanced settings menu.  This is done by pressing and holding the menu button     (found of the headset base).  Press and hold (2 secs) until you see the words “Advance menu headset”. Then release.
  2. Press the + symbol (3 times) until you see “Deskphone” above the menu button symbol.
  3. Press the checkmark symbol to select “Deskphone”
  4. Press the – symbol (once) so that the word “Yes” is above the menu button symbol.
  5. Press the menu button 
  6. Press the + symbol until the remote device you are using (pluggining into the AUX port) is above the menu symbol (EHS = Electronic Hookswitch or GN1000 = Remote Handset Lifter)
  7. Press the checkmark symbol to select the desired device.
  8. Press the back button twice
  9. “Update completed… Rebooting” will be displayed.  Followed by “Primary headset connected”.

Process of manually setting remote answer device is completed.

Note:  If after completing the instructions the problems persists, please contact
NRG TeleResources for further assistance.
888-753-7300   |   info@nrgteleresources.com