The Versatility of Audio-Conferencing & its Benefits to You

Audio-Conferencing is here to stay. This versatile communication tool that has allowed us to improve our work lives and conduct business better.

Coordinate internal meetings in a flash, hold meetings across the country that can happen at your desk- without either of you leaving your chair, travel and hold meetings from the comfort of a hotel room, save travel costs, use reliable and easy-to-learn technology, the list goes on.

When it comes to technological innovation and how we can use them to our advantage, it has already started to redefined where and how we can work. More and more people are telecommuting, and choosing to work off-site or finding different ways to get the same job done.

By breaking distance barriers, the autonomy and more freedom to choose how we want to work is opening many doors and learning opportunities.
How the Versatility of the Audio-Conferencing Device Can benefit you:
  • Much cheaper than other conferencing options
  • Hotel room, in your living room, a coffee shop, another office, anywhere you can bring your computer, mobile phone, or tablet, you can hold an audio-conference call and get business done. Amazing right?
  • Audio-Conferencing devices are compatible with all major telephone platforms: analog phones, digital, VOIP systems, and SoftPhone. What does this for you? This means there is an audio-conferencing device suited for every business’ telephony choice with a small learning curve
  • Many audio-conferencing devices out there, like the Jabra speak series, the Konftel Ego, the Konftel 300wx, the Polycom SoundStation are all made to integrate seamlessly with your SoftPhone. You don’t even need a phone line anymore, your audio-conferencing device is compatible with your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
  • The audio quality is above parr in comparison to alternatives like your desk-phone or mobile speakerphone
  • Audio-conferencing devices can connect to your headset as well so you can carry the conversation privately as you move around your office

Recent survey findings from Software Advice, a respected telecom software advisory company found that 47% of employees say they rely mostly/only on conference calls.

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The integration abilities with most unified communication systems, and the portability and convenience of the audio-conferencing device, provides great value to business professionals. The versatility of the audio conferencing unit provides so many benefits to how you shape your workday.