Putting Our Heart Into What We Do

As a women owned and operated business in the Canadian economy, NRG TeleResources has been providing nationwide service for over 20 years.

The importance of diversity in the workplace is continuously emerging and becoming exceptionally apparent as the market continues to evolve and search for the best forms of management and team memberships to build  sustainable, interactive business platforms and environments.

Here at NRG we pride ourselves in contributing to the emergence of women diversity in the workplace; by bringing our hearts into what we do everyday.

Not only do we pride ourselves in adhering to our core values & building a customer oriented environment. At NRG we ensure that we build a strong and active community of women dedicated to bringing who they are into what they do.

Building a business has obstacles, at NRG  our focus goes beyond maximizing profits; we meet more than the bottom line. We bring our heart to work everyday, forming, contributing to and building a business community where diversity and thinking synergistically is apart of who we are as a company, and apart of who we are as a community.