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Plantronics CS500 – HL10 lifter set up instructions

Set up instructions (Plantronics CS500 and HL10)


Equipment: Plantronics CS500 and HL10


Attaching the headset base:
  1. Connect one end of the telephone interface cable to the back of the base.
  2. Disconnect the handset coil cord from the desk phone and re-connect it to the telephone interface cable junction box.
  3. Connect the remaining end of the telephone interface cable into the open handset port on the desk phone.

CS500 set up

Attaching the HL10 handset lifter:
  1. Firmly press the handset lifter power cord into the handset lifter jack on the headset base.
  2. While wearing your headset, slide the handset lifter arm under the handset until the lifter base touches the side of the phone.
  3. Slide the lifter up to where it nearly touches the handset earpiece.HL10 set up
  4. Press the call control button on your headset to activate the lifter.
  5. If you hear a dial tone the lifter is set correctly and needs no adjustment.
  6. Remove the protective strips from the 3 mounting tapes on the underside of the lifter.
  7. Gently place the lifter on the desk phone in the pre-determined position.
  8. Press firmly to adhere.

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