NRG TeleResources

The success of diversity business owners and the future generation of professional women is extremely important to NRG TeleResources. As a women owned business, NRG has always embraced the community of women business owners. Lisa Siragusa, President of NRG TeleResources, is an active member to many Canadian Association supporting women business professionals. Such associations include the WBN (Women’s Business Network of Ottawa), the WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) and GroYourBiz.

Lisa is on the Ottawa board for GroYourBiz and a member of WBE. Two organizations that support a community of women entrepreneurs, who advise and collaborate with one another to further their business.

As a WBN ambassador, Lisa is responsible for welcoming and orienting new members to the association. This organization creates opportunities for women in business to network, build meaningful relationships and collaborate together to enhance their professional development and business success. WBN prides themselves in ensuring all their members can excel in their professional career or business with the help of a strong and active community.

Through Lisa’s commitment with this organization, NRG is able to help support the different charities currently associated with WBN: Suits Me and Healthy Women, Healthy Community. Suits Me is an charity that assists women in making a suitable first impression, allowing more opportunity for professional success. Healthy Women, Healthy Community is in support of building the breast cancer centre at The Ottawa Hospital.

“Creating connections, engaging with my customers and supporting the business community is what drives me to succeed.”