User Portal – Phone Login & Voicemail Setup

By now you should have received an email from with New PIN for bluArc phone system in the subject line.  This email contains your PIN that is required to log into the online phone portal.  If you have not yet received the email, please contact your organization’s System Admin.

When you have your PIN and you phone has been installed please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Log onto web phone portal – The web based application is used for custom configuration of phone features.
    • Click on the link in the email you received telling you what your PIN is or Go to:
       i.  Enter your company’s 10 digit phone # (if asked)
      ii.  Extension number and
      iii. PIN (located in the email)

      • Note:  When you log onto the phone portal for the first time, the system will immediately prompt you to change your PIN.
  2. Log into your phone with your Extension # and new PIN.
  3. Record Name for Auto Attendant Name Directory (if your company requires)
    • Navigate to “My Personal Details” in your personal portal, scroll down to “Automated Attendant Prompts” and click “Record”.
    • A window will appear prompting you to allow the system to make a call to your extension. Click the “Call” button and answer your phone when it rings.
    • You will be asked to record your name for the Auto Attendant Directory. It suggested that you record your name (First & Last) followed by your extension #.
  4. Initialize Voicemail
    • Press the Voice Mail key voicemail button on your phone. The default PIN is 258272.
    • Follow the instructions provided by the system to record your greeting and change your PIN.
      Suggestion: Make Voice Mail PIN to be the same as you portal PIN.
You are now ready to use You are now ready to useyour new BluArc phone services your new BluArc phone services your
Please note: In order to access an outside line with the bluArc phone service you will need to dial “9″ first followed by the phone number.

Additional information can be found at: