How to Conference the Jabra PRO 9400 Series Wireless Headset

The Jabra PRO9400 enables up to three additional Jabra PRO9400 headset to be connected to the base for conferencing. When two or more additional headset are connected to the base, the audio is filtered from wideband to narrowband.

Connect additional headset(s):
  1. While the primary headset is undocked and on a call, dock a secondary headset with the base hosting the call. Pairing will take a few seconds, during which the docking indicator* will blink yellow. When the headsets are successfully paired, a double-tone will sound in the primary headset
  2. Tap the multi-function button on the primary headset to accept the secondary headset. The audio is now shared between headsets.

Repeat the procedure to connect additional headsets, as required.

PRO9450 Multi Function Button

PRO9400 docking icon

Ending or leaving the conference:

The primary headset user can end the conference by hanging up the call. The call is ended for all headsets. Guests can leave the conference by tapping the multi-function button on their headset, or by docking the headset with the base. The conference call is active for all other headsets.

All-day conference mode:

When all-day conference mode is enabled, the conference call will not end when the call is ended. To end the conference the primary headset must be docked.

  1. Launch Jabra Control Center, and select the ‘Headset’ tab.
  2. Deselect ‘End headset conference when call ends’.